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A 3 seater sofa will seat more than three people but to keep it comfortable seating 3 people is ideal, no one likes to sit on the crack. Buying a sofa of any size is a large investment with prices ranging from the early £100’s to over £10,000, so it is imperative that you buy the right one. Most people will keep a sofa for many years and so it is best to look at the purchase as an investment.

You are in it for the long term so you need to take the following points into consideration:

Shape of the sofa

This is an important consideration, as it will be in your home for a while and so needs to fit in with existing furniture and also have character itself. A 3 seater sofa can come in a variety of shapes, traditional, corner and l shape. Depending on the size of your room or the space available for the sofa, will determine, which of these will fit your requirements.


The decor of your room will help determine the style of your sofa. A clean line, leather or funky fabric 3 seater sofa will look great in a modern home. Rolled arm, high back sofas will look good in traditional surroundings.


Depending on how much time you spend sitting or lying on your sofa will help you decide what shape of sofa will match your needs. Low back sofas look great as a style piece, but may not be as comfortable, as back and neck support may be limited.


Sofas come with different styles of cushions, so you may want the scatter cushions look, which allows you arrange and rearrange the cushions how you would like i.e. versatility. Fixed back cushions keep their shape and are likely to give better support in the long term.


Leather is now a popular choice in the UK for 3 seater sofas and comes in a range of colours, but you need to check with each manufacturer, as colours will vary in shades. Fabric offers you colours, feels and style, you must find out whether the covers are removable and washable to keep it clean.


Like many products 3 seater sofas range in price. Set yourself a budget and stick to it, it is easy to see the sofa of your dreams and pay twice your budget. However always remember it is an investment for many years so set realistic expectations, so you can afford a sofa that meets your needs.